The Big Things to Know About Small Business Web Hosting

Servers in the cloud iconYou’re running a small business in the midst of online entrepreneurial prosperity, and you’re taking advantage of all the resources available to make your website shine. Right?

It’s never too late to get more out of your small business web hosting experience. You can do quite a bit of online research to learn about these solutions, and this article will also help you narrow down the choice. To help you in the selection process, here are some important factors to consider:

To Share, or Not to Share? 

Depending on the size of your small business, opting for a shared hosting plan instead of a dedicated one may save you money and keep you from wasting resources your website may not need at this time. 

With most shared plans, your site essentially “shares” hosting space with another site, thus cutting costs. There’s no telling which sites(s) you may be paired with, so some companies may be concerned with liability issues. Ultimately, the choice between shared or dedicated boils down to both budget and business preferences.

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Growth Concerns

As your small business steadily grows and faces stiff competition, it only makes sense that the infrastructure it’s based on grows, too. Accommodating facilities and staff growth is important, but minding systems and network stability, especially if your business relies heavily on a digital network to be successful, is equally important.

No matter which small business hosting service you end up going with, you need to make that decision with the future squarely in mind. One of the last things you want to encounter is an unexpected failure because your hosting company couldn’t keep up with growth. That would be a difficult thing to have to explain to customers and clients.

Safety and Security

Cyber security attacks and standard malware both have something in common: They can be a thorn in your website’s side. Even though malicious software can’t be stopped 100% of the time, no matter which web hosting company you use, the better options will already have adequate security features in place. Avoid any web hosting for small businesses that doesn't offer even minimal security. That is a risk you never want to take!

Customer Support Options

There’s no such thing as an infallible web host for small businesses, so that’s why most include a knowledgeable, robust tech support team.

Any web host worth its salt knows that problems can (and will) occur well past peak hours, so pay extra attention to those who offer expert help 24/7.

Rants, Raves, and Reviews

Probably one of the best ways to determine which small business website hosting company to go with is through customer reviews. Not only do they give you some of the most honest feedback regarding a particular company’s services, but you can also focus on reviews from companies that mirror yours closest, allowing for more focused reviews. Consider them impromptu case studies.

Finding the best service to suit all of your small business web hosting needs takes a bit of due diligence and the ability to prioritize. Once those elements come together, you’re guaranteed to make an informed, technical decision that will help your small business grow.

Choose the best small business web hosting service to put your business on the fast track to success.


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