eHost Vs. iPage – Battle of the Website Hosting Providers

More than 860 million new websites were published in 2015 alone, averaging around 2.3 million new websites published daily. Each of those sites serves a different purpose from blogs, articles, video, promoting special interest, ecommerce, social media and more.

As such, each site has its own unique requirements. When you want to launch a website you need to make sure the website host you choose can meet your needs. This article pits two popular website hosts against one another to see how their value and features stack up to determine a clear winner.

1. Flexibility in Hosting Plans

When choosing a website host you’re typically greeted with a few different tiers of service. The lowest price offers affordability but limited features while the top tier often providers a full suite of features at an increased monthly rate.

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In the case of eHost and iPage, these website hosts only offer a single plan type. That plan provides the complete feature set so there’s no adjustment or selection of various plans needed. Ultimately this makes the two hosts equal, save for the fact that iPage offers a number of “website essentials” to add on such as WordPress essentials, Google Apps for Business, SSL certification, mobile optimization and more.

Winner: iPage>>

2. Value Added Features

Getting a new website online, especially for a small business or startup, can be made a lot easier when a website host throws in a few extras. Both iPage and eHost provide a completely free domain name when you purchase a hosting plan which can save you some money and the time of registering manually and configuring a new domain name.

Likewise, both offer a suite of marketing perks including credits with Google and Yahoo/Bing advertising platforms. You’ll also get site analytics software and access to a design suite and website builder to help you craft your new website.

iPage also provides a suite of free security tools while eHost provides free SEO tools to get your site visible.

Winner: Tie – both services provide terrific value added features

3. Built-in Website Builder

If you’re not using a content management system like WordPress and prefer to use a drag-and-drop website builder, then both web hosts are a good choice. iPage and eHost each offer a design suite to help you create your own website fast.

Those design suites include a drag-and-drop interface, easy-to-use setup tutorials and wizards, photo galleries, templates and blog integration

While iPage boasts hundreds of templates and themes, eHost comes in with thousands of available templates to choose from giving you more options to make sure your site is as functional as it is attractive.

Winner: eHost >>

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4. Pricing

Pricing is rather simplified for both iPage and eHost since neither offer tiered pricing. Instead there’s a single, all-inclusive plan with pricing options for multiple months. With iPage, the rate is $1.99 per month and can be billed either as a 1 year, 2 year or 3 year agreement.

For eHost, the cost is just $2.75 if you sign up for a 36 month plan. If you reduce the duration of the plan the cost per month increases slightly, capping at $6.99/mo for the month to month plan.

Winner: eHost >>

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the superior website hosting provider, both eHost and iPage are excellent choices. However, the winner of the battle is clear. iPage provides the best flexibility and pricing along with a great selection of value added features for any business owner.

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