Web Hosting Scrimmage: eHost vs. iPage vs. Web

Web Hosting Scrimmage: eHost vs. iPage vs. Web

A successful ecommerce site needs good hosting. When the market leaders, eHost, iPage and Web.com all seem to be great choices, how can you pick the right one for your website? You make them battle it out of course! Read on as they go head to head.

1. Performance

As all three sites promise 99.9% uptime, we’ve had to dig a little deeper to get the answers you need. Web.com doesn’t volunteer much information regarding how their site runs including uptime, so have forfeited this round altogether, leaving the path clear for eHost and iPage to battle it out!

eHost offers unlimited bandwidth and storage along with a super-fast load time. But not only does industry expert iPage guarantee unlimited bandwidth, with the load being split between multiple servers, they can truly promise the very best in performance too. Winner: iPage

2. Customer Support

Web.com offers great phone and email support, but we would have loved to see a live chat option on their website like their competition here. iPage’s Q&A forum has a lot of answers, and, while they do offer live chat and 24/7 email, we’ve found there are lags in response time, the last thing you need when you’ve got a problem with your site. In contrast, eHost has 24/7 phone, email and live chat support with super-fast response times. They’ve also got good tutorials and a help portal for troubleshooting on your own. Winner: eHost

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3. WSB Features

Just when you were counting them out of the race, Web.com step into the spotlight and begin to shine. While iPage has some great WSB features such as 1-click eCommerce, and eHost might have more options for templates and building an online store, Web.com offers a truly expert website builder with all hosting packages.

Aside from the intuitive interface, nearly 10K templates and myriad tools, Web.com has a Website Coach to walk you through every aspect of website design and launch. You can also upload useful elements such as search bars, maps and HTML snippets, get mobile compatibility and access to a huge apps marketplace. Winner: Web.com

4. Monitoring

iPage fails to thrive in this area, using vDeck, which is fairly straightforward but less impressive than other control panel options. In addition, we would have expected a giant in web hosting to provide common features like SSH, free backup and anti-spam.

Similarly disappointing is the Web.com monitoring features, which are limited to website statistics and an internal control panel.

eHost rise head and shoulders above here, having created a more user-friendly cPanel with a cleaner interface and more intuitive navigation. Additionally, with FTP and SSH access, MySQL, 1-click WordPress integration, analytics software, traffic reports, Google WebMaster tools, not to mention statistics and reports, eHost kind of blows the competition out of the water. Winner: eHost

5. Hosting Features

You can’t deny eHost is a tempting choice, offering clients free domain names for life, unlimited email/bandwidth/email accounts, a $100 security suite that includes SSL certificate, spam filters, and anti-virus, and a rare 1GB cloud storage. iPage has a lot to offer too, with unlimited storage, email, FTP, and MySQL databases, as well as being the only one of these services that offers VPS, a huge value if you’re planning to expand.

However, for all round hosting excellence, Web.com reign supreme. We love the scalable and versatile packages they offer. 300GB for its basic plan with 25 FTP accounts, and 500GB and 50 FTPs or unlimited storage/accounts with their professional and premium plans. Don’t forget you’re entitled to a year’s free domain whichever plan you choose. Web.com offer good password security, spam protection and email virus removal. You can also purchase an SSL certificate for an extra fee. Need we say more? Winner: Web.com

6. Value for Money

Web.com deliver a free domain, open-source apps, site backups, and a website builder, but the price goes up significantly after 1 year. eHost is one of the cheapest services, plus it offers free domains for life ($12-20 value) and $200 in ad credits.

Even with these perks though, iPage is the cheapest option for your money and still delivers good quality. In addition to the best value for money, we love that iPage offers an anytime money-back guarantee, showing us how confident they are with their service. Winner: iPage

Bottom Line

Focusing on marketing tools to get your site noticed by both new traffic and the search engines, expert scalable hosting solutions and including a great ‘Do it For Me’ service, despite one of the tightest battles we’ve seen yet, Web.com have beaten out the competition! Visit Web.com >>