Windows Hosting: Should You Consider It For Your Website?

Like many sharp business leaders, you know that there is more than one way to get things done. Windows hosting is not the most popular method. However, it may be the best choice, depending on how other parts of the business are already configured.  

If an organization is tied into the Microsoft family, you probably use MS SQL. Additionally, chances are that you use ASP (Active Server Pages) to run scripts which give access to the database and can setup interactive pages. ASP works with the .NET framework to build, deploy, and run Windows host sites. On top of that, Windows Web hosting lets users integrate Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Microsoft Front Page into your site.

Not being married to the LAMP configuration with the popular Linux-based hosting gives you the flexibility to use the Microsoft tools which you are already familiar with. 

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Windows Hosting Considerations

First, the red flag. If you need Secured Shell Hosting (SSH), you will not be able to use Windows server hosting. Linux is the only platform that will support SSH. That said, there are server options that will provide the security requirements that you demand. Dedicated servers are great in that they can give you Remote Desktop access to the control panel—not that you’ll need it that much with Windows; but it is convenient to have the flexibility of remote access. You can also rest assured knowing that your data is secure on a dedicated server, too. Unfortunately, that piece of mind comes at a cost. Dedicated servers are more expensive than other routes you may want to take.

Windows VPS hosting is a more financially viable alternative for some. Virtual Private Servers give you access to a partitioned-off segment of a shared server. The other users sharing with you are confined to their own segment. VPS is more affordable than a dedicated server as well as more secure and reliable than a shared server. Plus, with VPS hosting, you can even customize your operating system.

The Microsoft family is designed to work together to help you accomplish your business goals, so if you’re already using these products, Windows Web hosting might be the right fit for you. Synergy is best achieved when run on an easier to use, easier to manage, easier to install Windows host.