iPage vs. Web.com: Which Web Hosting Option Comes Out Ahead?

iPage vs. Web.com:
Which Web Host Rules?

No business, small or large, is going anywhere without the right choice in hosting service. From the outside looking in, both iPage and Web.com seem to offer a reliable and secure hosting choice, with a ton of excellent extras. But who will come out on top when they go up against one another head to head?

1. Features

Web.com offers thousands of templates, along with marketing services as an additional paid-for service. As well as the ability to use open-source applications, they include great hosting extras including plenty of disk space for all your website needs.

iPage hit it out the park though, offering thousands of templates, free marketing services, and an online store. They also provide unlimited hosting space, unlimited domains and a solid security suite. For some the most impressive feature of all is the VPS and dedicated hosting plans iPage offers for the most reliability, fastest speeds and premium security and performance available. Winner: iPage

2. Ease of Use

iPage boasts an integrated drag-and-drop website builder in addition to a blog setup wizard, though it’s not as easy and intuitive as it could be. If you want to take advantage of the more secure plans, you’ll need a lot of time and patience to learn the ropes.

The Web.com website is fairly easy to navigate, with 1-click WordPress blog installation, FTP access, and support for several programming languages. Easiest of all, though, is their Do-It-For-You website builder service, an extra that iPage doesn’t offer. Winner: Web.com

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3. Support

Fighting iPage on customer support is a losing battle from the outset, with email, phone and live chat available 24/7. Their phone representatives, who respond within one minute, undergo extensive training to uphold a standard of excellence and hold unrivalled knowledge on all areas of hosting.

In comparison, Web.com is reported to have helpful email and phone support, though their billing support may leave something to be desired. In addition, there’s an option to call support representatives for a free consultation on the quality of your site, which is a nice extra, but they simply can’t compete with iPage in this arena. Winner: iPage

4. Tech

The hundreds of easy install apps and widgets which iPage offer help to keep them on top of their game in terms of technology. In practice though, we’ve found these third-party installs are often mistaken for viruses, which can slow down your site, the ultimate website fail.

Web.com offers a wide selection of eCommerce, security and marketing add-ons, not only improving site performance for your visitors, but making managing your entire website a dream. Winner: Web.com

5. Price/Value

Web.com offer their starting price for website hosting as $5.95 for the first month, and it goes up drastically afterwards. In stark contrast, iPage has a monthly price of $1.99, which includes a personalized domain and free enhanced security for 1 year. There are also loads of perks included for that same rock-bottom price. Winner: iPage

Bottom Line

Phew! This one was close. But with ultimate security and marketing tools, and a complete Do it For Me service available, only one solution has emerged victorious. Try Web.com today for a professional answer to your website hosting needs. Visit Web.com >>