The Best Magento Hosting Options for Your Website

Magento has established a name for itself in the open source ecommerce content management system industry. One of its many strengths is its ability to configure the software through the use of modules that give you more control and your customers more options. Knowing what to look for in a Magento hosting site is critical.

eHost Vs iPage – Web Hosting Giants Compared

Despite what you may think, not all website hosting services are created equal. iPage and eHost are two of the best hosting services out there today, but how do they measure up on the points which really matter? Read on as we pit them against one another, knowing only one can emerge victorious.

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SMBs Get Ahead With Google-Bluehost Alliance

/ Sarah Pritzker

The competing king of the internet, Google, has teamed up with web hosting guru Bluehost from Endurance for faster, smarter, and easier website building, integration, and management.

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eHost Vs. iPage – Battle of the Website Hosting Providers

More than 860 million new websites were published in 2015 alone, averaging around 2.3 million new websites published daily. Each of those sites serves a different purpose from blogs, articles, video, promoting special interest, ecommerce, social media and more.

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eHost vs., Who’s The Best Web Host?

Ready to start your business on the right path with a dedicated website? Our battle of the website hosts gets the biggest names in web hosting ducking and diving in fierce competition. Keep on reading to see whether eHost or will reign supreme.

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Hack-Proof Hosting: Comparing the Bluehost and iPage Security Features

/ Rachel Elle

Safety and security are paramount on the web. When your business is involved, it’s even more critical.Privacy and protection are extremely important for both site owners and their customers. After all, a vulnerable site puts customer information at risk as well. This can be harmful to both brand identity and reputation, irreparably damagin

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Best Web Hosting Companies

Magento is a comprehensive, powerful CMS that allows users to perform a variety of functions. Among many other things, Magento modules allow you to incorporate automated checkouts, imbed social media apps, create space for product reviews, and offer online coupons. All of these functions demand explicit technical specifications from a server that is hosting Magento. Magento requires a host to offer what is called the LAMP configuration. That is to say, it needs to be Linux compatible, use an Apache server, have a MySQL database, and use PHP for a hypertext processor. Luckily, most hosts already meet that criteria. 

Magento Web Hosting

In today’s business climate, providing an over-the-top customer experience is a must. Magento’s scalable modules give you the tools necessary so that you can offer the best possible customer service. To do that, you will want to lean heavily on Linux on the back end. The best Magento hosting sites realize this. With create-your-own control modules, you can use Linux to set up contact forms, track orders, and reset customer passwords.

Most experts agree that for the best hosting for Magento, you need an Apache server. You will use that to take advantage of third-party integrations (such as WordPress), batch imports and exports, multi-layers navigation, and secured support for order transactions.

You probably will also want to run some internal reports to make sure that your business is tracking the way which you hope, right? Using MySQL through Magento Web hosting gives you access to all of your business data, whether it is income and expenses or customer history and product information. Through MySQL, Magento unleashes the power of stored data.

The last component of LAMP, PHP, is going to give your site more layers and greater flexibility. Hypertext processors can do so many things for a site. With them, a customer can more easily compare multiple items, jump directly to a related page without having to back out, and switch from one personal shipping address to another. 

Magento is a very powerful and popular ecommerce script. The modules that it offers will provide you with seemingly unlimited control to scale your online presence in a way that best serves you and your customers. Make sure that you select a host that allows you to take full advantage of what Magento and its modules can do to help you customize your customer’s experience.