eHost Vs iPage – Web Hosting Giants Compared

Despite what you may think, not all website hosting services are created equal. iPage and eHost are two of the best hosting services out there today, but how do they measure up on the points which really matter? Read on as we pit them against one another, knowing only one can emerge victorious.

1. Features

Round one goes straight to eHost, with an integrated site builder, and Ecommerce functionality included at no extra cost. While iPage offers a great website building tool, it is reliant on third-party scripts, and the shopping cart perks are only for customers signing up to a premium iPage package. eHost also offers more templates, with thousands to choose from, giving you more options to make sure your site is as functional as it is attractive. 

Free Domain NameYesYes
Drag & Drop BuilderYesYes
Free Online StoreYesNo
Site Analytics SoftwareYesNo
Unlimited Domain NamesYesYes
SEO ToolsYesYes

Both hosting services offer a suite of marketing perks including credits with Google and Yahoo/Bing advertising platforms, plus site analytics software. iPage also provides a suite of free security tools while eHost provides free SEO tools to get your site visible.

eHost takes the cake with FTP access, 1-click script installation and free cloud storage. It’s a knockout.  Winner: eHost

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2. Support

It looks like a lockdown here, as both hosting services provide 24/7 live chat, phone and email support, and both respond within two minutes.

Zooming in on the fine print however, iPage really excels in their staff training. They’re known to put team members through rigorous preparation to maintain an expert level of assistance. Winner: iPage

3. Price/Value

Extra Features$200+$500+
Ecommerce setupFreeFree
Email featuresIncludedIncluded 

This round has us feeling a little sorry for the guys at eHost. At $2.75 monthly (for 36 months), $200+ in marketing extras, free Ecommerce setup and extensive email features, as well as unlimited storage and bandwidth, this should be a slam dunk. Enter iPage, with a lower monthly fee of $1.99, and delivering $500+ in added features, making them one of the lowest-priced options available, while still offering the same services. Icing on the cake?

iPage will also manage your server at no additional cost and it offers a number of “website essentials” to add on such as WordPress essentials, Google Apps for Business, SSL certification, mobile optimization and more. Winner: iPage

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4. Ease of Use

Just when you’re beginning to count eHost out, they provide the powerful cPanel, arguably the hottest technology today, to manage your hosting, Not only that, but they have cleaned up the standard cPanel user interface, organizing the myriad features into a system with clear buttons and intuitive categorization that is simple to navigate. The drag-and-drop website builder also makes using this service a breeze.

iPage also offers template builders, marketing guides and an internal control panel, but there is a larger learning curve and ads included throughout the site, making it a far less user-friendly experience. Winner: eHost

Adding images to a website with eHost's website builder.

5. Tech

Both eHost and iPage boast 24/7 network monitoring and performance load-balanced servers to ensure that your site is constantly loading (and uploading) at top speed.

To the layman this should mean that your site is always up and running, but many iPage users complain of frequent downtime on their websites. That’s a major drawback for a web hosting service, and leaves us less than impressed. Winner: eHost

Bottom Line

Phew! A tight battle between two sites which both offer some fabulous features. The results are in, and eHost meets a higher standard in site design, Ecommerce options and maintaining customer satisfaction. Go ahead and visit eHost now to get started on your site, today. Visit eHost >>

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