Is Cloud Hosting the Pie in the Sky for Your Website?

You hear a lot of talk about the cloud these days. It’s a technology that can be the answer to all of our computing concerns, as you can use it to host your website. But what exactly is this mysterious cloud and how does cloud web hosting work?  

The Limits of Unlimited Cloud Hosting

Don’t be fooled by Web hosts offering unlimited features. We live in a finite world and there is simply no way we could take advantage of an unlimited supply of domain sites or email addresses, for

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The ABCs of Private Cloud Hosting

Before making a decision about which type of hosting to use, it's important to compare different models of servers, their features and benefits. You may have already read our guide on how to choose...

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Best Web Hosting Companies

Traditional Web hosting, including shared and dedicated, uses physical servers housed in and run by the hosting providers. Cloud hosting is different in that it eliminates the need for such a setup, as your site is hosted on virtual servers spread across different devices and locations. 

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Flexibility is one of the primary benefits that cloud hosting providers deliver. With cloud hosting, you can access what you need at the exact moment that you need it, allowing you to make changes, and create or delete a site instantly. The flexibility of virtual servers gives cloud Web hosting the added benefit of redundancy. Having multiple copies of your site existing across different servers, devices, and locations results in better uptime compared to traditional hosting options. Another major feature of using the cloud is scalability. Because you are not limited to a confined space on a specific server, you are better able to react to increased demand, seasonal traffic spikes, and unforeseen changes to your business.   

There are free cloud hosting options available, but unless you are a small-scale operation, you’ll probably want to use a paid provider because free systems have their drawbacks. With free cloud hosting, you’re limited by the number of users allowed to access the site, hours that you can be on the control panel (if you can even be on it at all), and visitors that your site can receive each day. You may also be restricted by the number of email accounts and the amount of space in the cloud that you have permission to use. Can your business afford such free limitations? If not, the best cloud hosting option for you may be a paid provider.

Now that you have a better understanding of cloud hosting, are you on Cloud Nine? If so, do some homework and find a provider that can deliver the best cloud hosting service that your online business demands. Shop around; you will find an affordable option that will help your site get further off of the ground.