Top 10 Web Hosting Site-Builders of 2014

Many web hosting companies include website builders in their web hosting package to help you construct, design and organize your website without having to use complicated computer code. These user-friendly website builder tools can offer you an easy way to put together your website at an affordable price, but not all site-builders are the same. Below youíll find our list of the top 10 web hosting site-builders offered today.
$1.68AnytimeWeebly Drag & Drop Domain: Free!
Varied Design Templates
Easy Page Management
SEO Control Panel
iPage Review
$2.25AnytimeWide Selection of Site BuildersDomain: Free!
Over 300 Templates
Easy Installation
Justhost Review
$0.50 Site BuilderDomain: Free!
9500+ Templates
1-Click Wordpress Install Review
$0.9930 DaysnsWebsite™Domain: Free!
9500+ Templates
Dozens of Apps
NetworkSolutions Review
$3.95AnytimeWide Selection of Site Builders Domain: Free!
Choose Your Free Site Builder
Easy Navigation and Design
Bluehost Review
$3.1530 DaysWeebly Drag & DropDomain: Free!
Unique Design Templates
Page Management
Fatcow Review
$3.9645 DaysSiteBuilder
Site Studio
Space: Unlimited
Traffic: Unlimited
Domain: Free
Hostgator Review
$1.9590 DaysHub Premium Website BuilderDomain: Free!
Easy Publishing
Flash Intros
WebHostingHub Review
$3.4990 DaysParallels Premium SiteBuilderDomain: Free!
Flash Tutorials
Versatile Functionality
inmotion Review
$1.99Anytime Proprietary Website Builder300+ Templates
8,700+ stock images
Social Media Integration
GoDaddy Review
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What Are Web Hosting Free Website Builders?

When you are looking for a website hosting plan, you probably already have an idea of the domain or domains you want and what you want the end-websites or websites to look like. Once, only computer programmers who had a strong grasp of computer code were able to build and develop websites, but today there are a myriad of different software systems to help everyone from pro-web developers to web novices build a clean, attractive, functional website. These website-building software systems have become so popular that the best web hosting sites have recently integrated free website-builders into their hosting packages. A free website builder is now an industry standard in the web hosting world which helps you design, create, and organize your website with easy-to-use templates and control panels. Each package is different, just as each hosting-service is different, but many of these free website builders are intuitive to use, and best of all, cost absolutely nothing.

What Should You Look for in Site-Builder Tools?

A high-quality site-builder is essential to developing a successful website. When considering your options for free site-builder tools, you want to make sure that you choose one which offers you the most advanced template designs, attractive template variety, the most structural control and the best user-friendly interface. First, take a look at the template designs available. Many free website builders come with a generous selection of template designs, but many are outdated. If you want to be successful on the internet today, you need your website to look slick and current. Second, consider how much structural control you have through their website editor. Itís your website, and you should be able to ensure that it is constructed according to the layout and map you prefer. Lastly, it is essential that the site-builder be intuitive and easy to use. Because, what good is a free website builder if the interface is so confusing that you spend days just trying to figure out how to upload a header logo? Whether you are a seasoned website developer or working on building your first website, you want to makes ure that your Website builder is as user-friendly as possible.

Site Builder Options

Selecting a web host is more than simply choosing a server. Web hosting services today offer customers loads of bonus features that affect the development, maintenance and performance of your website. Before selecting a web host, you may want to consider previewing the site builder that is offered with your hosting package. While some packages provide only basic site builders, others provide a selection of site builders that come free with your hosting package. It is important to remember that each website building service is unique and many are tailored specifically to the needs of either more advanced website creators or rookie website builders. Your choice of web host depends on your level of comfort, your internet experience and the complexity of the website or websites you hope to build and maintain.

Customer Support and Online Service

If you have spent any time at all looking into hosting services, you know that many of the sites use industry jargon and terminology that may be difficult to understand. The best web hosting sites, however, not only offer clear information and frequently asked questions, but excellent, knowledgeable and available customer support for all of their clients. Whether you choose to use a free site builder or to install a premium site-builder of your choice, you should have access to top-notch-customer support to help you with any glitches, issues or questions you may have.