Expert Review By: Pete Griffin

The Gist focuses on simplified, affordable tools for business owners, with an amazon web service account to easily manage their AWS servers.

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Simple pricing

  •  Fast setup
  • No contract


  • No technical knowledge required
  • One flat monthly fee
  • Free trial available
  •  Simple to use dashboard


  • Limited server options
  • Minimal add-on choices

cPanel Ease of Use

In terms of a cPanel you can’t really get more streamlined than the dashboard. The initial setup takes you through step by step to choose initial add-ons like Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla – the limitations of the add-ons for the service.

After selecting (or opting out of) the add-ons, you choose the server type and operating system before moving on to complete installation and provide AWS credentials to complete the setup.

Integration with AWS may seem a bit confusing at first, based on the presented instructions, but it’s as simple as generating an access key from your user account and adding the appropriate permissions.

With a simple and manageable dashboard, gives the average business a lot more time to focus on running their business. No need to invest in 3rd party IT services or add to payroll with a web manager or in-house IT tech. Any business owner, no matter how limited the tech knowledge, can setup and manage their account on the fly.

Pricing provides the most simplistic and straight forward pricing available for AWS hosting. The flat monthly fee of $29 includes a single server, 1 custom domain, 5 email addresses, 5 FTP accounts and 2 premium add-ons.

There are no variable rates based on bandwidth or storage. There are also no contracts and no setup fees to coincide with hosting. It’s a plan clearly designed to fit the evolving needs of a small business owner.

Shared, Dedicated or VPS Hosting? Cloud Computing Trumps All Three

You won’t find traditional server options when setting up a hosting account in – instead the system uses the AWS platform for instanced hosting in the cloud. There are four available server options that provide variable memory and CPU performance.

At the lowest tier is the free T2 micro option featuring 1GB memory with a single 2.5GHz CPU. When you step up from the first tier you can select from the T2 small, medium and large options which double the available memory at each level as well as an increase in CPU power. The more powerful server options are nice to see for businesses who still only need instanced hosting, but may experience higher burst traffic than smaller startups.

That AWS infrastructure has a huge benefit to growing businesses because of the open flexibility of the platform, allowing you to focus on innovation rather than the infrastructure itself. For AWS customers this is an ideal solution because you no longer have to guess at capacity and traffic. Each server type offers maximum bandwidth with burst capability not typically seen with other web hosting services.

During the trial we found low latency and rapid content load even when graphic and multimedia intensive content was loaded, and even on the lower tier platform.


For a small business this kind of pricing for scalable AWS cloud computing is far superior to the capital expense of dedicated servers either on or off site. makes AWS hosting adoption even simpler with a streamlined interface and affordable pricing to help any small business take control of their hosting.

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